Frary quotes

"I would rather have hope with you than certainty anywhere else."

"And i’m never going to let you go!!"

"I won’t leave you.This isn’t negotiable!!"

"I will take the risk! This is my life!!" 

"This would be the moment that I declared myself yours,only yours."

"Have you not heard a word that i’ve said? I LOVE YOU!!!"

"-Is the pull so strong?

”..a queen that any king would kill for!!”

"You killed a man to protect me?" 

"-Marry me!
-Yes! Yess!!!”

"You are throwing away everything we had for superstition! Nostradamus knows nothing!! You know that i love you!"

”-..what was truly in my heart. YOU. Its you. Its a l w a y s been you!!
-Does that mean you’re going to marry me?

"I remember it all,every word,every moment,for the rest of my life.."

"Take me for ransom!!"

"He gave himself up to save you"

"I love you." ♥

"I’ll love you until the day I die."

"I suppose i was inspired."

"He loves Mary!!"

"For all the good it does. One day. If things go well,we’ll rule France and Scotland and we’ll be together."

"He would risk his life for you,he loves you!! And you love him!!"

"I love you!!"